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Model Number 11490-SR-D
Spring Tester w/Digital Scale Kit
This tool helps sort recoil springs as well as other types of firearm springs by pull weight so you can use the correct spring for your load. This tester comes with a digital scale. Use is simple, just insert spring on bolt, insert in tool, attach couplar and scale. Pull until proper compression is achieved. Tool is marked with a line at 1.625" which is the Mil-Spec compression length of a 1911 recoil spring. Beginning February 1, 2013, the Spring Tester will include the NEW adapter, Model #11539 to check mainsprings, firing pin springs etc. NOTE: Batteries NOT included with Digital Scale
MSRP   $ 41.99
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11464-SR - Firing Pin Stop Removal Tool
11490-SR-D - Spring Tester w/Digital Scale Kit
11539 - Spring Tester Adapter
11835 - Cartridge Chute for Dillon XL650
SE-85 - Digital Scale