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SFP Locking Plate Rack

Now you or your club can own a Locking Plate Rack.

The SFP Locking Plate Rack is the only commercially available locking plate rack on the market. Standard unit comes with 8" plates set 12" edge to edge (Bianchi Spacing), other plate sizes are available. The AR-500 plates are bolted on so there are no welds to break and they can be changed in just a few minutes. The unit is modular in 2 plate groups so they can be easily taken down and stored if need be or used as 2 or 4 plate arrays. The Locking Plate Rack is also available as a manual reset and/or non locking option. The beauty is that those options can be added at a later date.

Construction Features and Options

The SFP Locking Plate Rack is made from heavy steel with a 3/8in thick plate to protect the locking and reseting feature.   The rack is built around a modular 2 plate unit. Each unit bolts to the next and you can have up to 3 units (6 plate) connected for automatic mode. 

The locking feature comes pre programmed for NRA Action Pistol par times and even allows you to reduce the times by 1 second increments in case of shoot-offs. You will have total control over the plate time.  The Plate Rack can be programmed for other times as an option. LCD screen in control box allows you to change parameters. Unit runs on standard 110vac and an air source (compressed gas or compressed air).

We use a standard control box that can be used with our turning targets as well. Comes standard with a remote for Range Officer use, or can be programmed for a delay after start for self practice. The target can be signaled using a push button or by some other device like a step on control or popper.

Wireless handheld control available.

Now Available

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Plate Rack
Model NumberDescription
LPR68110Plate Rack Add-on
LPR68111SFP Locking Plate Rack