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"No-Cal Pop & Drop"© Target Release
No-Cal Pop & Drop

Have you ever been on a stage and had a everything going right and then set your sights on the popper only to see that it is already down.

The horrible experience and the frustration of "RANGE EQUIPMENT FAILURE" can be a thing of the past.

Now you can own a "No-Cal Pop & Drop" Target release that does not need calibration is very wind resistant and can be knocked down with everything from 22LR to 45ACP with no modificaton. Change from large pepper poppers, mini poppers, Bianchi speed targets, split poppers, to even "Evil Roy" with simple tools and no adjustments to the system.

Construction Features and Options

The SFP Forward Falling Popper System is constructed of heavy gauge welded steel.  The system is built around a standard base unit, which permits the user to change plates as the shooting stage demands.  The unit consists of a strong base with a changeable trip system. The system can accommodate any popper or plate and can even be set up to handle split plates as well.

Popper System
Model NumberDescription
TS0010Pepper Popper Plate.
TS0020Mini Pepper Popper Plate
TS0040Classic Popper Plate
TS0050Classic Mini Popper Plate
TS0070Split Pepper Popper Plates (Plates Only)
TS2000NO-Cal Pop & Drop Base Unit
TS2010NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Pepper Popper
TS2040NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Classic Popper
TS2050NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Classic Mini Popper
TS2070NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Split Pepper Popper