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SFP Static Target System
Poor Man's Plate Rack

The SFP Static Target System is available in the following models, center fire pistol/rifle and 22LR rim fire.

The center fire stand is constructed of solid steel uprights and tubing legs. Built to withstand up to a 45ACP cartridge this stand is perfect for Steel Challenge type shooting. 

The Static Target System is built around a standard upright unit, which permits the user to add multiple plates or even a cross bar to practice shooting a simulated plate rack. Options include different plate sizes and configurations as well as thickness to cover just 22LR caliber or up to 45 ACP.

Static Target System
Model NumberDescription
TS0002-2424" Static Steel Target arm.
TS00G06" Dia. Steel Plate
TS00H08" Dia. Steel Plate
TS00H0-R8" AR-500 Plate with bracket
TS00J012" Diameter Plate
TS00K012" x 18" Steel Plate
TS00M06" x 6" sq Plate
TS00P010" Static Steel Plate with Mtg Bracket
TS00R018" x 24" Static Steel Target
TS4000Target Stand (Stand Only NO Plates)
TS40G0Target Stand w/6" Round Plate
TS40H0Target Stand w/8" Steel Plates
TS40J0Target Stand w/12" Round Plate
TS40K0Target Stand w/12 x 18" Square Plate
TS40L0Target Stand w/12 x 12" Square Plate
TS40M0Target Stand w/6" x 6" Square Plate
TS50H0Poor Man's Plate Rack
TS8XXXEconomy Static Steel Target Stands