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SFP Target System

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Construction Features and Options

shooting star

The SFP Target System is constructed of heavy gauge welded steel.  The system is built around a standard base unit, which permits the user to add options to customize the shooting experience.  The upper unit consists of a double pillow block system with a large 1" shaft for attachment of a Shooting Star option or a Single/Double Swinger option.

The Shooting Star is available in a five or six point star with several sizes and shapes of ballistic plates. The Shooting Star begins to rotate with the first plate hit and rotates randomly, changing direction or speed with each plate hit.

The Single/Double Swinger option is configured for either the IPSC Metric or Classic paper target and is activated by a remote popper or other device.

Both the Shooting Star and the Single/Double Swinger options can be used in combination with each other or as stand alone targets. For those shooters who really like a challenge, the Swinger arm with one or two no shoot targets can be attached to the back of the base and the Shooting Star on the front, thus creating a no shoot target rotating in the opposite direction as the Shooting Star rotation.

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Swinger/Star Target System
Model NumberDescription
TS0000-BSingle Swinger Attachment
TS00303" A-36 Plate for Star
TS0030-R3" AR-500 Plate for Star
TS00606" A-36 Plate for Star
TS0060-R6" AR-500 Plates for Star
TS00808" A-36 Plates for Star
TS0080-R8" AR-500 Plates for Star
TS05005 Point Star (Star only - Does not include base unit)
TS06006 Point Star (Star only - Does not include base unit)
TS1000-ABCSingle Swinger Package
TS1001-ACDouble Swinger Package
TS15005 Point Texas Star
TS16AR 500 Protective Plates for star
TS16006 Point Texas Star