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SFP Turning Targets

Now you or your club can own a Turning Target System.

The SFP Turning Target System is the only portable Turning Target System on the market. Standard unit comes with target centers at 4 1/2 ft. and 7 1/2 ft. (Standard Bianchi Barricade and Practical Spacing), other Target Center lines are available for a small upgrade. The unit is modular in 2 target sets and other sets can be daisy chained together using standard extension cords and air line. The targets in each 2 target group are mechanically linked with only 1 air cylinder turning each set. The target system is lightweight and can be moved to location when needed and can be easily taken down and stored.

Construction Features and Options

The SFP Turning Target system is from galvanized 14 gage steel with a heavy steel 3/8in thick plate to protect the turning system.  

The Turning Target System comes pre programmed for NRA Action Pistol par times for both Barricade and Practical.  The standard controller utilizes 2 turn switches, one for the distance and 1 for the string. This is a great aid in running matches because the times do not have to be remembered and reset on the timer each string. Just turn the knob and the time is automatically set. LCD screen in control box allows you to run from a central location instead of hand held remote. Unit runs on standard 110 and an air source (compressed gas or compressed air).

We use a standard control box that can be used with our Locking Plate Rack as well. Comes standard with a remote for Range Officer use, or can be programed for a delay after start for self practice. The targets can be signaled using a push button or by some other device like our step on control or our popper.

Wireless capability will be included in future improvements and current systems can be easily upgraded.

Turning Targets
Model NumberDescription
TT1022Turning Target Add-On No Control Box, 2 Target Arms, 3 Target Positions
TT1032Turning Target Add-On No Control Box, 3 Target Arms, 3 Target Positions
TT1122The SFP Turning Target System with Standard Control Box, 2 Target Holders, 3 positions.
TT1222Turning Target System Economy Control Box 2 Target Arms 3 Target Positions
TT1232Turning Target Economy Control Box 3 Target Arms 3 Target Positions